Saturday, November 12, 2011

Way Overdue for An Update

Cassidy is 4 years old now and is still a live wire. She is learning how to read now and is so easy to teach. She has such and incredible desire to learn. She loves being a big sister and loves to help out with the babies. She still thinks the world revolves around her. I thought this would change when she went from the only child to having two sisters.

Kennedi is 21 months old and has so much attitude. She has looks that could kill and isn't afraid to give it to anyone that annoys her. She is leaning how to talk and is picking up words pretty quickly. She is starting to transition to the two year old phase and I am having lots of trouble keeping up with her demands and frustration level.

Caydance is 11 months old and is very sweet. However, she is finding her voice and becoming a little more demanding. She has attempted to throw a tantrum and that is pretty funny to watch. She is having trouble transitioning to solid food. She gags really easily if her food is not completely pureed. She is also resisting the switch to sippy cups. She is standing holding onto furniture and doing a little furniture walking but is not in any hurry to get walking. Tonight during dinner she was sitting in the front room drinking her bottle and was giggling. We looked over and she was tipping her bottle upside down and letting it drip and just giggling. It was really funny.

David is at UPS and liking his job. He is a full time manager and builds the routes for the drivers each day. It is a job with lots of responsibility. He is quite the nerd when it comes to crunching all the numbers. His spreadsheets are mind boggling. He is also the YM 2nd counselor so he has campouts every month with the boys. I know he enjoys it.

I am staying at home now. I am really enjoying being home but it definately has it's challenges, especailly when it comes to socialization. It helps that David's cousin lives just 3 doors down. We get together for the kids to play and for us ladies to talk occassionally. Every few months I really miss working but when I look at my children and recognize the difficulty it would place on me and my kids I am quickly reminded of how grateful I am to be able to stay home.