Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Adventures in the Two Year-Old World

Well, our sweet beautiful little girl is SOOOOOO two. The last several months have been one constant tantrum. She argues about everything, wants everything, gets frustrated about everything, doesn't want anything to do with us and then immediately wants us to "hold you." I could go on and on forever but anyone who has ever had a two year-old knows exactly what I'm talking about. Anyone who has not had a two year-old thinks they know but until you experience over two months of constant tantrums you have no idea. However, the good news is on last Saturday the switch flipped and she has been so sweet and adorable. She is a pleasure to be around, if she wants something and we tell her no she simply says okay and puts it away and it hasn't been embarrassing to take her places. We are in HEAVEN!!!! We are praying it continues.

Cassidy has discovered dirt this summer. I wanted to get some pictures of her playing in the dirt like she does but all she would do was pose. One of them she is posing by holding a dirt clod in her hand. She is so silly.

This was a new and very unexpected turn of events. Last week she got her hands on some scissors and cut her hair. Once on Monday and David took her to get it fixed and the stylist reallty didn't do anything. Partially because Cassidy didn't want anything to do with her. So he was waiting for our friend that normally cuts our hair to get back from a trip and in the meantime she cut her hair again on Friday. The top picture is the side that she cut twice and the second picture is teh good side so you can see what it looked like before she cut it. She looked so aweful and we just had to live with it for a week.

So Julie finally came back from her from her trip and Cassidy got a new and very different hair style. Scroll down to see.

The Side View.

The Front View.

The back. She really didn't leave us any options. The first time she cut her hair it was only about 1/2 inch long on one spot. Julie did such a great job of blending it in that you can't tell unless you know it's there. It is actually really cute. A little boyish. Let's just say she won't be wearing Blue for a while.

I can still put it in two little ponytails on top of her head. This is after a long day of playing so they are a little floppy but it is really cute.

Cassidy wanted to have a say in how she posed and where the pictures were taken so I had to compromise for the posed shots of her hair So, these are her choice of location and pose.

She loves her new swing set.
Well of course I always put the boring stuff at the bottom. David is working on growing our business more. He is going to do some additional advertising soon. Hopefully we are going to grow a little more this year. It has been good to be small so we can figure out how to run a business. It has definately been an experience to learn from. David also made the Dean's List again. He graduates next May with his Bachelors. We can't decide if it is worth getting his masters or not. We'll make that decision when the time comes. Right now we just want to get through the next year.
Same old, same old for Cheri. Working at the hospital, YW president..... Our young men and young women went to Marin's Cove at the beginning of June. David and I went as a "Ma and Pa." That was lots of fun. One week after returning we had girls camp and an opportunity came up that allowed me to go this year. It was tons of fun. Two weeks of camping with teenage girls was not as bad as I expected. I still love them if you can believe it. And we can't wait to go camping as a family. We are going to my moms for the 4th of July this year. That should be fun also.
Talk to you later.