Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm 1 year old

Cassidy is one year old now. We had a small birthday party for her. He cake was shaped like a purse(because she loves to carry her moms purse around), we had lasagna (one of her favs). She mad a bigger mess with the lasagna then the cake. She didn't like the frosting on her hands so she kept trying to shake it off. It was lots of fun. As we celebrate one year with our munchkin we are reminded of how blessed we are.

Cassidy loves to play with dad, he is the coolest! Some notes about the things she enjoys. She likes to dance, when we are pounding hamburger in the pan she will even dance to that beat. She is always carrying a book around. At about 1/2 of our meals she eats as much as mom. We can't understand why she doesn't weigh more. She really likes to play with electronic, it's difficult to keep her away from the computer and cell phone.

The wheels in her head are really starting to turn. She is trying to figure out how things work. She tries to put one toy inside of the other and she opens and closes doors constantly. You can just see her thinking when she is playing. It is really fun to watch.

We just went to the doctor today and she weighs 19lbs, 1oz and is 28 inches tall.

We have truely been blessed with our family. Cassidy has brought life into our home like we never could have imagined. We are greatful everyday for the blessings god has given us.

Love, The Gibbons