Monday, March 16, 2009

The Only Thing That Stays the Same is Everything Changes

Over the past several weeks I have been struggling with many weights on my shoulders. As Is indicated in the title everything changes and I am not a person who does well with changes. After much excitement about adopting the three girls we found out we were not selected. This was very disappointing. However two superheros came zipping through my house yesterday and I caught a picture of them. They rescued my heart as I watched the most beautiful thing in the workd and that was my husband and daughter playing together. The Lord will expand our family when teh timwe is right and not is not the time the Lord has

designed for this to happen. We are extremely blessed with many things and I am very greatful for my family and that we have been sealed in teh temple and will be a familty FOREVER. The Lord has a plan for all of us, even the small Gibbons family in Nampa, ID.

I have also struggled with feeling the spirit at church recently. I have many responsibilities at church and it just seems like a time for working not worshiping. However even with 6+ hours of church and 8 poopy diapers in one day I was still able to be touched by one person. I am thankful for such a wonderful gospel doctrine teacher who is lead by the spirit. He gave a great lesson on Sunday and a good part of it was directed toward me weather he know it or not. He talked about getting back to the little things that are important such as reading scriptures and saying prayers. These are two things that I have realized recently that I have been neglecting. I remember to pray when I really need something or when I am desperate but I have forgotten the everyday conversation with the Lord. I have also neglected to put myself in a position to recieve personal revelation on a regular basis. I had a laundry list of excuses that started with a beautiful two year-old. How can you possibly feel the spirit with the caos that comes with having a two year-old. Well, where there's a will there's a way. I am recommiting my self to reading my scriptures daily and praying often. Thanks so much Adam for talking to my spirit on Sunday.

So back to my theme of everything changes. As many of you have heard in the news CITI (who David works for) is having a lot of financial problems. They laid off a few employees at the site in Idaho and have had to find other ways to cut expenses. The things that made this call center job bearable was the great benefits and this is where they chose to make drastic changes. So the job has become more mundane and less enjoyable. Also with the ecomony like it is the opportunites for advancement have dramatically decreased. Over the years we have talked about having our own business. After all David is going to school for businesss management. So instead of waiting until he is done with school we are stepping up our plans and a new business was born over the last several weeks. Busy Bee Lawn Care. David has been interested in having a lawn care business since he was in High School so here we are. We have our first estimate scheduled for this Tuesday. Everything is progressing very well with the set-up of the businesss and we are finally sleeping better. This feels like a really good decision and we are hoping to get our feet wet this year and maybe if the economy improves next year then we can become completely self employed. Right now we are both keeping our jobs but are both working part-time. This is a picture of the luxurious corner office of Busy Bee Lawn Care.

I hope everything is well with everyone.

Much Love,