Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a quick update. The airing of the Extreme Home Makeover that David helped with will now be held December 2nd. Hope everyone can watch.

Cheri and David

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall at the Gibbons home

Well, it's fall at the Gibbons home. We have a beautiful front yard full of leaves. I love it. It is a lot of work but beautiful.

David is still working for Adamson well drilling and likes his job. David has a great opportunity to help rebuild a house for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He drilled the well. He was on the job site for 24 hours straight and worked a 28 hour shift. It was a really neat opportunity. The TV cameras were everywhere but didn't stay the night with him. It is scheduled to air Sunday December 9th on ABC. Hope everyone can watch and maybe you will see them hard at work. David may need to change jobs sometime soon to accommodate his school schedule. That is a little scary since he has done this job since he graduated from High school (minus 2 years for his mission). He is doing really well in school and passed his nemesis math class just last week. He is the Elders Quorum 2nd counselor at church so that keeps him busy. David loves to hike with his brother and play golf or any sport. The pictures are of David working on the set of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The cameras were always on the otherside of the rigs so I couldn't get any good pictures of them.

Cheri stays busy at home with our daughter. She is the YW President at church and that keeps her very busy. She loves her calling as a mother and pres. Cheri loves to hang out with friends and recently had a sleepover. They had a blast and stayed up until 6am. This picture was taken in March.

Now that the boring stuff is over the grand finale is the beautiful Cassidy. Cassidy is weighing in at 18lbs 6 oz. She is crawling really well and pulls herself up on the furniture. She can walk along the furniture really well and is beginning to walk on her own. She can take quite a few steps pretty good by herself. Mom and Dad are very excited even though it means an even busier baby. Cassidy has quite the people pleasing personality. She knows just what to do to wrap everyone around her little finger. She is a very busy baby and loves to explore everything. Anything on the floor goes into her mouth (even pieces of broken glass). Cassidy is a very happy baby and rarely cries (unless she is alone all day with mom). She has brought so much light and life to our home. What was life like before she came along? It must have been very boring.

Love, The Gibbons