Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Job

Just a quick update. David got his job. He will start May 5th.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Many reasons to rejoice

I can't seem to take the extra time to put pictures on so I'm just going to write and hopefully I will be able to get pics on soon.

Lots of changes have happened lately. David quit his job at the end of February because there were several things happening that we thought were illegal or unethical. We couldn't have him working there anymore. It was really getting to our conscience. As a result we have been unemployed since the end of February. I thought it would be a piece of cake for me to get a job so I applied at the hospital that is in Nampa and I interviewed and never heard back. Then I applied to the two hospitals in Boise and in Meridian. I heard back from St. Al's (were I used to work) and they are on a hiring freeze. Then the Meridian hospital called and I interviewed. I finally heard back and I should be starting in 2 weeks. They offered me a part-time nights position. It will probably be better so I don't have to have Cassidy with a babysitter very often. I think the market is flooded with new graduate nurses trying to get jobs that it has made it more difficult.

Also David had an interview on Wednesday with Citibank call center. He thinks it went really well and hopefully we will hear back from them this week.

It has been a huge blessing to have all this family time together. We went to Tennessee to visit David's brother Scott. We had an absolute blast. When we came back we just sat around and played for a week. Then we decided to use our savings and time to finish the work that needs to be done on our house. We are almost done. There is no way we could have done this if David was working and going to school.

One of the most amazing things happened today. We were preparing to install a new picture window in our front room. David was in and out of the gate in the front yard with tools and supplies. He needed to go to Home Depot for some wood before the crew of friends came to help us with the install. Cassidy and I were staying home while David ran to the store. Cassidy was outside in the yard playing all morning and likes to follow David around (usually carrying one of his tools.) I was inside sweeping the floor around the window. Something told me to check the gate. I hesitated. Then the thought came again. At that same moment I heard David close the door to the truck. I looked out the window and the gate to the driveway was open. I don't remember running down the stairs or halfway across the lawn. Cassidy was just starting to walk behind the truck. All of a sudden David stopped. he has only moved about 6 inches. He later told me that the Holy Ghost told him to look for Cassidy. The truck stopped about 2 inches from her head and she was right behind the rear passenger side wheel. Writing this brings me to tears again. I thought I was going to watch my worst nightmare come true.

All was well and we all just hugged in the front yard. We are so grateful for the Holy Ghost. Thanks to the Holy Ghost, today the worst tragedy in our world was avoided. We are just overflowing with appreciation to the Lord this day. We will be getting spring gate closure devices so the gates will close automatically.

So many blessings, jobs, home, everyone is alive.

I got a cold at the beginning of the week and lost my voice of Wednesday evening. I still don't have a voice. David is totally loving it. He pretends that he can't hear me, and has been calling me tiny, mickey mouse, etc.

Well, if I skip the pics then I will do this more often. It's just very difficult for me to do.

Hope all is well with everyone.