Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall and Thanksgiving

Well, here is the proof that it is fall at the Gibbons. On this particular day of raking we gathered 22 bags of leaves. The discouraging thing is that the trees had enough leaves left of them to produce all the shade in the picture. I don't think we had even lost half of them by the time we did our first raking. Our neighbors hate our trees but I love them. The bad thing is that the neighbors that get the most leaves in their yard don't get any of our shade or the shade comes early in the morning when they don't really need it.

Cassidy didn't like the snow last year and this year she doesn't like the leaves. After many attempts to get her to change her mind for a fun picture in the leaves we just resorted to throwing her in the pile while she was crying. She would then crawl out as fast as possible. So her hair is still flying when this picture was taken.

We put up our Christmas Decorations a few days before thanksgiving this year since we would be hosting some family for the weekend. Cassidy was not interesting in helping with decorating which was fine with me because she would probably break most of the stuff. However. She loves the train that goes around the tree. This is a picture of what we do almost everyday. Lay on the floor and watch the train. You can see my new haircut in the picture. My hair is really easy when it is cut like this.

Shea, Erin and Calvin (David's brother, wife and son) came for Thanksgiving. We really had a great time. We went out to David's aunt Teresa's for Thanksgiving day. That was really fun as usual.
Cassidy loves Calvin. She is very in to any baby and was just thrilled that Calvin was staying at our house. Calvin also really liked the train, so the two of them would lie there for long periods of time and watch the train. Cassidy would talk up a storm and point at the train. I'm sure she was teaching Calvin everything she
knows about trains. Speaking of Cassidy she is definitely behaving like a two year-old. Most of the time they are
pretty half hearted. She is testing all the limits. Time-out seems to be working well for her at this stage. Most of the time she stands in the corner and cries (which is also half-hearted). She thinks she might get out sooner for being remorseful. Her two favorite words are "mine" and "owie. I don't know how to spell the second word. She is still tons of fun and really keeps us moving. Another new thing is when she goes down for her nap or bedtime
she takes off her socks, pants and diaper. So now she has to wear one piece PJ's with a safety pin at the top to hold the zipper in place or a pair of overalls. It's very annoying to have to change her clothes before every nap.
This picture was taken when Calvin was here and we had our walker out for him. Cassidy thought it was a very fun toy and she got stuck in it butt first. We thought she looked like she was floating the Boise River in an inner tube. She is also smiling in this
picture which she never does for pictures. She is usually too concerned about getting it over with so she can look at the picture I just took.
This is a picture of Cassidy and Calvin. Cassidy thought it was really cool to hold Calvin. She was also a very big helper. She was always getting his Binky for him and putting it in his mouth. She also liked to take the diapers to the trash for Erin. I think she would really like a sibling. That reminds me. As of November
18th we are officially approved to adopt through LDS Family Services. It was very exciting to get our official letter. Please keep us in mind if you know of anyone who may be considering adoption.
This is the adorable Calvin in a Santa hat. I probably won't write again before Christmas so I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holidays.
Much Love,